• Welcome to Heinzel Pöls
    Heinzel Pöls, one of the biggest producers of elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleached softwood sulphate pulp in Central and Eastern Europe. An integrated paper machine produces bleached kraft paper branded under the name of STARKRAFT.
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  • ORION Pulp from Pöls
    Heinzel Pöls produces with ORION around 460,000 t/year of ECF-bleached long-fibre sulphate pulp. Above all, pulp from Pöls is recognized for its constant, reliable quality and resulting versatility.
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  • STARKRAFT Paper from Pöls
    STARKRAFT is the leading brand for high quality, bleached kraft paper. Our two paper machines are the largest and most modern in Europe and able to produce high quality kraft paper at a speed of over 1.200 meters per minute.
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  • Actively practiced climate protection
    We are doing many things for our environment - we save a lot of energy and substantially reduce CO2 emissions. As part of an EU project Heinzel Pöls acts with regional environmental awareness and thinks globally – after all, the climate affects us all!
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  • Energy saving measures
    Annual savings:1.445 MWh electricity and 400 tons CO2. This project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
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  • News
    Innovations, investments and lots more – all news from and with Zellstoff Pöls.
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  • Environment protection
    We keep emissions as low as possible, conserve valuable resources and save energy.
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  • Vemap
    Our B2B-Portal vemap enables a simple and fast communication with our suppliers and partners.
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  • Job Exchange
    We are only as good as the people who work for us- this is why we are looking throughout the region Pöls/Murtal for people who want to grow with us!
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  • Starkraft & Orion
    Zellstoff Pöls the world market leader inspires customers with ORION-pulp and STARKRAFT kraft paper.
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