Current Figures

We think about the environment first

Continuous Zellstoff Pöls AG production also serves as a source of energy for the mill location itself. The firing of black liquor means that the plant enjoys autonomy with regard to energy and any surplus electricity and hot water is employed for district heating.

Current district heating output from renewable energies

Zellstoff Pöls AG supplies district heating to the local communities in Pöls, Fohnsdorf, Judenburg and Zeltweg – more information. As at 2024-06-24, 19:44, the supply of district heating amounted to:

6.0 MW

Current own green electricity Production

Combined heat and power generation not only provides higher efficiency, but also uses CO-neutral black liquor as a fuel for electricity production – more information. As at 2024-06-24, 19:44, green power output amounted to:

53.0 MW

Current CO₂ saving

Many years go, Zellstoff Pöls AG set itself the task of utilizing all the energy generated during the pulp production process in an efficient and environment-conscious manner, in order to thus reduce the emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels. As at 2024-06-24, 19:44, savings of CO2 amounted to:

28.0 t/h

EUR / USD Exchange Rate

As at 2024-06-21, the daily EUR/USD exchange rate amounted to:

1 EUR = 1.0688 USD

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