Environmentally friendly is our motto


Heinzel Pöls considers its corporate and social responsibility is to keep pollution and emissions as low as possible. All emissions are subject to ongoing monitoring on both an internal and external basis. Deviations are documented and corrective measures are sustainably implemented.

We align our activities to avoid or minimize environmental pollution. When using any raw materials, we pay attention to sustainability. We monitor and document the impact of our processes and examine in advance possible environmental impacts of new technologies.

  • further reduce all emissions
  • apply local measures but think global
  • resource-saving logistics & transport by rail
  • consistently pursue the goal of CO2-neutral production

All industrial wastewater is cleaned in a biological wastewater purification facility in order to keep the level of emissions discharged into the receiving waters, the Pölsbach, as low as possible. The cleaning capacity installed at the factory corresponds to a municipal wastewater treatment plant for a medium-sized town of 200,000 inhabitants.
The declared goal of Heinzel Pöls is not only to fullfill legal requirements but to reduce the wastewater load (CSB, AOX, etc.) and quantity. Regular water quality analyses can determine any potentially negative influences of wastewater emissions on limnology and fish stocks.

The high efficiency of the exhaust air treatment facility at Heinzel Pöls guarantees that the discharge of harmful greenhouse gases in the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas is so low that the emission level is significantly below the relevant reference value for people, animals and vegetation. This positive track record will continue even after expansion plans at the mill are realized

After eliminating truck transport of solid wastes, Heinzel Pöls is striving to shift additional large freight transport volumes to the railway system. Future expansion projects at Pöls will only result in a moderate increase of road traffic.
As a long-established production location, Pöls takes into account that there are residential areas in the immediate vicinity of the mill. In the past Heinzel Pöls already took steps to keep noise emissions below the approved levels.
The company has continually strived to identify further optimization potential by means of control measurements and noise dispersion modeling. The implementation of these projects has significantly reduced the level of noise emitted by the production facility.

Heinzel Pöls's waste management efforts are oriented to the principles of waste prevention, recycling and the environmentally-friendly disposal of waste. For this reason, the volume of waste and the waste fractions which need to be disposed of are kept to a minimum.

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