Maximal safety at work


Occupational safety and employee protection have the highest of priorities within our company. A noticeable high level of safety characterises both the internal and external corporate image of Heinzel Pöls.

  • Hazard prevention during operation, malfunctions or emergencies
  • Preventative actions & emergency plans
  • Minimize impact and damage potential

Work safety and employee protection rank among the most important management responsibilities in our company. In addition, it is the duty of each individual employee to protect himself and his colleagues from accidents and work-related illnesses. Through constant training and developing personal responsibility, we promote and maintain safety awareness at all levels.

Heinzel Pöls became the first production facility in Austria’s pulp and paper industry to have its industrial safety efforts evaluated and certified in 2004 in accordance with recognized standards. Heinzel Pöls has been certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard since March 2021 and has served as a role model for many other companies

  • Regular specialist employee training
  • General trainings for quality, environment protection, occupational health and safety
  • Openness towards employees, partners, neighbours and authorities

in the company. As a consequence of the ongoing and persistent dedication of Zellstoff Pöls’ Management, it has become a matter for employees at all company levels to live and embody the essence of safety, and to impose and fulfill the related high standards.
The top priority is “zero accidents”. Further important cornerpoints with regard to the issue of safety at Zellstoff Pöls AG are mill and fire safety, as well as the required Seveso II guidelines in Austria in connection with pulp production.

Plant security

Plant traffic entails a variety of risks that have now been reduced to a minimum. A new type of traffic management system was designed to optimize mill traffic. In this regard, Heinzel Pöls is relying on the well-known traffic sign systems used in public road traffic management. Moreover, driving on the factory premises as well as access to the mill have been reorganized.

Fire protection

The Company fire protection organisation consists of thirteen fully traineds Fire Safety Commander/ Fire Safety Officers who perform regular inspection activities on the fire protection equipment. They form the core team with regard to fire protection, provide support to employees and take care of mandatory maintenance and repair work on the technical fire protection equipment.
The voluntary fire brigade in Pöls ensures the defensive fire protection, which is optimally adapted to the requirements of the company with regard to training and equipment. This circumstance and the intensive cooperation between company management and the fire brigade, ensure the highest possible protection for the company. It goes without saying that all fire protection and prevention activities are closely coordinated with public authorities and insurance companies.

Seveso III

Continuing investments in Seveso III facilities ensure that Heinzel Pöls applies “state-of-the-art technologies”. The organizational processes are also optimized continuously. These measures are subject to an annual inspection by public authorities. Accordingly, the oxygen and methanol facilities, the chlorine dioxide production, chlorethane deliveries and processing and the safety management system are carefully examined in the spirit of fulfilling the stipulations of the industrial accident prevention regulation.
The inspections are carried out by an authorized specialist of the Provincial Government of Styria and the District Administration of Murtal.
Prevention measures for a Seveso III company also include carrying out internal emergency plan trainings at least every three years. Further training exercises are held on a regular basis in coordination with the emergency services at the Pöls mill. This is designed to enable the emergency services of the district of Judenburg to gain an insight into the company’s emergency planning as well as to provide the responsible staff at Heinzel Pöls and the representatives of public authorities with a platform to jointly focus on internal and external processes.

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