Heinzel Group supports EPIS’ initiative #GreenSource

Vienna, 1st September 2020 / Heinzel Group is a member of EPIS (European Pulp Industry Sector) and therefore supports the #GreenSource initiative to promote the role of forest-fibre industries in the effort to achieve the EU’s climate neutrality target by 2050.
#GreenSource brings together members of EPIS and Cepi, the Confederation of European Paper Industries.
The forest-fibre industry wishes to play a central role in offering solutions that respond to the needs of the European citizens and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle while making sure that forests keep growing, absorbing CO2 and protecting biodiversity.
A recent scientific study commissioned by Cepi on the Climate effect of the forest-based sector in the European Union shows that, thanks to the forests and forest-based products, 806 million tons of CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere every year – this corresponds to 20% of the EU’s annual emissions - while bringing 3.5 million jobs, especially to rural areas.
In times of COVID-19, it’s important to remember that the forest-fibre industry is delivering packaging, tissue and hygiene products that are essential to EU citizens while being good for the planet and good for the European economy.
“We are, and will continue, empowering people to make sustainable choices by providing a growing portfolio of climate-friendly products based on sustainably-sourced, renewable, and recyclable materials.” says Anna Maija Wessman, EPIS Secretary General.
“Saving resources and protecting the environment are central topics for us – and not just now that these issues are so present. Ever since Heinzel Group was founded, we have used raw material responsibly and worked to maximize the value added, not least for economic reasons. We have always focused on BAT, the best available technology, and invest million-euro amounts to reduce our emissions.” says Kurt Maier, CEO of Heinzel Group.


#GreenSource is the common voice of our industry rising to tell the world how we are making a difference in the transition to a sustainable and climate-friendly future.
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