Kraft paper that inspires


STARKRAFT is the leading supplier of high quality, bleached kraft paper. Decades of experience in paper manufacturing has given us the know-how to develop and manufacture products that meet the exact requirements of our customers, matching their needs and processes.
Our two paper machines are the largest and most modern in Europe and able to produce high quality kraft paper at a speed of over 1.200 meters per minute. Due to the modern technology they can be configured and optimized to achieve a maximal range of products, exactly adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Under the brand name STARKRAFT paper products such as BAGS, SHOPPER, GIFT WRAP or solutions such as flexible packaging paper for the food or pharmaceutical industry or Release base papers for hygiene, medical and industrial use are subsequently produced.

Extended possibilities

Our Flying Rhino symbolizes both strength and flexibility. We are your strong paper partner and always ready for take-off when new solutions for white kraft paper are required. For further information see

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