PULP- reaching for the stars


Zellstoff Pöls AG produces 450,000 t/year of ECF-bleached long-fibre sulphate pulp. Above all, pulp from Pöls is recognized for its constant, reliable quality and resulting versatility.
ORION pulp can be used in various paper and board qualities, but is used mainly in the manufacture of graphical paper, packaging, hygiene products as well as for speciality papers. The main markets are Italy, Austria, Slovenia, France, Germany, the Mediterranean countries, and to a growing extent, the “new” EU member states.

ORION’s tensile to tear relation makes it suitable for universal use in the production of a diverse assortment of papers. Refining resistance and excellent solubility result in energy savings, stiffness and volume, which above all constitute a decisive advantage in connection with the low area weights. This is made possible by two different qualities of the cellulose ORION sheet and ORION flash.

  • Computer controlled pulp packing lines
  • Customer-specific quality or shipping instructions possible
  • Shipping by truck or train with own railway siding
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